Sailfish as part of the Linux ecosystem

(as part of the ecosystem and in comparison to others)

Wraps nearly every call and proxies it to the android layer -> slow and cumbersome, not really free.

wraps surfaceflinger, audio and media stuff, hwc2, …

Uses a lot of new and cool Linux technologies like systemd, wayland, qt5(?), …

libhybris developed jointly with halium(?)

mer is really only used by sailfish

silica not open-source, jolla pretty much only user

seems no cooperation is wanted with halium or other linux-mobile projects

there are other ways to achieve what sailfish does, but it requires different shims(see angelo’s post)

kernel base should largely be the same, but lvm2 and cgroups are needed. defconfigs are most likely different, also how usb networking is handled

sailfish does not use selinux(or any security at all, really), ubtouch uses apparmor