Sailfish SDK

The SDK tools are developed at (forked from

rpm builder [mb2]

Do rpm builds

Executes a subset of build commands in the context of an rpmbuild.
Typically called from QtCreator to perform qmake/make phases of a project.
Note that any other build steps in the .spec file will also be run.

Part of the sdk-setup package.

scratchbox2 [sb2]

Run commands inside the qemu-emulated Sailfish device which is used for final image creation.

Developed at mer-core/scratchbox2.

Mer Image creator [mic]

Developed at mer-tools/mic. An “image creator for Linux distributions”.

From the repo README:

The tool mic is used to create and manipulate images for Linux distributions. It’s composed of three subcommands: create, convert and chroot. The create subcommand is used to create images with different types, including fs image, loop image, live CD image, live USB image, raw image, etc. For each image type, there is a corresponding subcommand.

Can be configured via /etc/mic/mic.conf.

Needs a kickstart file to work.

Invoked via e.g. sudo mic create fs test.ks.