Sony/Qualcomm device subsystems

Small glossary
  • lpass = Low-Power Audio SubSystem
  • mpss = audio memory stuff for adsp (mpa and mpss are the addresses for venus/adsp hexagon stuff)
  • kgsl = adreno, kernel graphics support layer
  • cdsp is the term for adsp on newer snapdragon processors (sdm835 has adsp, 845 and 855 have cdsp)
  • SLPI = Sensor Low Power Island
  • mpm = Modem Power Manager
  • BIMC = Bus Interface Memory Controller
  • QRTR = Qualcomm’s IPC router for QMI comms
  • vidc = v4l en-/decoders, now called venus. Kernel driver. See lwn, venus
  • fpc = Fast Power Collapse, else “Fingerprint controller”
  • tlmm = TOP Level Mode Multiplexer, see msm-pinctrl
  • MPM = MSM sleep Power Manager
  • PIL = Peripheral Image Loader

    used for loading QDSP6v5 (Hexagon) firmware images for modem subsystems into memory and preparing the subsystem’s processor to execute code. It’s also responsible for shutting down the processor when it’s not needed.

  • NoC = Network-on-Chip
  • Clock ending in _a: Always-on RPM set clock
  • IBS = Instruction Based Sampling, could also be In-Band Switching
  • HBM = If in display context: High Brightness mode, else High Bandwidth Memory
  • SPMI = System Power Management Interface - see inclusion commit
  • PMIC = Power management integrated circuit

More information, collected unofficially: Qualcomm Kernel

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