Fixing JACK

Thankfully, JACK was dropped from the Android build system in version 9.0 Pie. In case you’re stuck with Oreo, here are some tips.

On Android 8.x, JACK needs some extra packages. check with jack-diagnose

In a bare buildroot, these might be missing, so install them:

apt install curl lsof

In a buildroot, if somehow installing the JACK .jar files into ~/.jack-server fails, run this on the host and bind-mount ~/.jack-server into the target:

./prebuilts/sdk/tools/jack-admin install-server \
  ./prebuilts/sdk/tools/jack-launcher.jar \

(jack-server-4.11.ALPHA.jar might be named differently depending on the version of android you are building)

Then ensure that ~/.jack-server contains these files:

$ ls ~/.jack-server
jack/  client.jks  server-1.jar  server.pem
logs/  client.pem  launcher.jar       server.jks

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