Universal Sony Dual-SIM Patcher

Because the differences between single- and dual-SIM builds are very small, almost all developers of Sony devices - including me - distribute only single-SIM builds.

We need to patch some props in /system/build.prop (or /system/vendor/build.prop, /vendor/build.prop, depending on the device), mainly:

ro.telephony.default_network=9,1 # (or 9,0, or 9,9, depending on the device)
ro.product.name=<dualsim device name>
persist.vendor.radio.block_allow_data=0 # for kumano devices

and substitute all occurrences of the device variant name, e.g. f8331, with the dual-SIM variant name (f8332).

We also need to patch the vintf manifest at /vendor/etc/vintf/manifest.xml to include a second instance of the telephony-related HALs. See the added slot2 and new instances from the _ss to the _ds variants here:

To view the actual inner workings, take a look at the source. Particularly interesting is the script that does the heavy lifting.


sony-dualsim-patcher-v4.zip at sx.ix5.org


  • Version 4: Fix issues with A/B devices, Android 10 compat
  • Version 3: Internal rework, more devices
  • Version 2: Compatibility with Xperia XZ Project Treble builds
  • Version 1: Initial release

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