Remove Google bloat.


All you need for basic functionality is:

  • Play Store
  • Play Services

Can be disabled:

  • Packageinstaller
  • Market Feedback Agent
  • DialerFramework
  • YouTube
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Docs Suite
  • Google App
  • Chrome
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Google Enrollment apps
  • Lens
  • Play Music, Movies
  • Google Partner Setup
  • Device Health Services
  • Carrier Services


  • Security:
    • Turn off Google Play Protect and Find My Device
    • Show lockdown option
    • Disable Smart Lock and Smart Lock For Passwords
    • Deactivate all Device Admin apps (but “Find my device” and Google Pay will auto-reactivate themselves all the time, so somehow moot)
    • Deactivate all Trust agents
  • Wi-Fi Preferences: Turn off “Open Network Notification”
  • NFC: Turn off Android Beam
  • Printing: Turn off default printing service
  • Google Settings:
    • Opt out of ads personalization
    • Disable Google Drive backups and back up to somewhere else
    • Disable Google Pay
    • Disable Firebase app indexing

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