Marijn Suijten’s projects

Marijn Suijten is a 24 year old developer living in The Hague, the Netherlands. He started with web development at the age of 12 and later moved on to application development and high performance, low level computing.

Today, he studies Game and Media Technology, a computer science track, at Utrecht University.

Contributions to Sony Open Devices

Selected twice as Hero Open Source Developer by Sony Mobile, once in February of 2019 and once in April 2020.

Created SonyOpenTelephony and contributed significantly to the TransPower SAR compliance utility, which is used both in OSS and closed-source builds of Sony phones.

Research and an open source HAL implementation for the egistec fingerprint sensor, enabling the Nile series of devices to use fingerprint authentication


Collaboration with developers from all around the world, with highly technical English.

Fingerprint HAL & reverse engineering

Contributions to the SODP fingerprint HAL.

Commits & Reviews

Fingerprint navigation gestures

Contributions to allow using the fingerprint scanner for Android's navigation gestures like the Google Pixel devices do, e.g. pulling down the QuickSettings/notification bar via swiping down.

Reverse-engineered the Google Pixel implementation and adapted for Sony devices.


Sony Kernel Improvements

Contributions to the SODP kernel.


Android 10 bringup

Contributions to Sony Open Devices, to make compatible with the Android 10 release.


HAL adaptations & improvements

Improving the hardware-interfacing components of SODP.



A framework for interacting with OEM telephony functions

Available at GitHub.


A SAR compliance tool. Improved and kept compatibility with new Android versions.


Makefile & build system improvements

Contributions to Sony Open Devices.


SELinux policy

Contributions to sepolicy for SODP.


Out-of-tree Kernel build scripts

Available at GitHub.

These scripts build the Sony Open Devices kernel outside of the tree and generate a boot.img as well as a dtbo.img. It saves a tremendous amount of time since the AOSP build system easily takes 15-20 seconds to read makefiles, decides it doesn't need to regenerate them, call mkbootimg and deliver the boot.img. Calling this tool outside of the build results in much quicker iteration.

Lighthouse 2 framework for real-time ray tracing

Fork available here


Demo available here.

Source: JS-Pathtracer.

AOSP contributions

Contributions to the Android Open Source Project, which is led by Google.


Miscellaneous contributions

Things that do not fit anywhere else

Commits & Reviews