Bugs and wishlist for kagura


Sony bug tracker - If reporting a bug, fill out the template fully!


How to capture logs:

Major known bugs:

  1. Notifcation LED does not work, notification LED always red after charging (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/device-sony-tone/pull/147 ) (maybe also nfc? needs testing) fixed 2018-11-07)
  2. Charging only works when charger is plugged in while screen on (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/232 ) (most likely usb driver issue, seemed ok on 11-05 build? apparently used to work on 11-05 and 11-09) (fixed by https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel/pull/1845 )
  3. Camera button without function (returns UNKNOWN to flar2's button remapper) (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/229 ) (fixed 2018-12-12 by https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel/commit/5eaab6c6ede8bed8c2c5ca4aaa22768487d97bbf )
  4. Fingerprint reader can not read fingerprint on waking from sleep, finger needs to be lifted from the sensor and put onto it again (fixed in 2018-11-07)
  5. Adding fingerprint triggers “verification failed” and forced shutdown (need to wait for fsc to be available for ~3 animation cycles) (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/220 ) (needs /sys/fs/pstore folder contents after crash) (fixed 2018-11-30 with HAL changes from Marijn)
  6. Calling does not work with oem v2(calls are muted) (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/222 ) (fixed 2018-11-15)
  7. Video recording does not work, crashes AOSP camera (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/230) (new camera HAL issue also appearing on sonyxperiadev camera HAL) (fixed 2018-12-25)
  8. MTP with external storage crashes device (also sometimes copying to internal storage, but hard to reproduce. needs logcat and pstore)(not reproducible any more as of 2019-11-15) (fixed by buffer size change)
  9. Battery life isn't too great (please collect statistics with BetterBatteryStats https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1179809 and compare with stock) (improved by https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel/pull/1823 but still TODO, too many wakelocks, Wi-Fi and bluetooth drain too much, clocks issues) -> Alleviated by kernel switch to brcfmac Wi-Fi driver, still present though
  10. Waking up from deep sleep takes too long. (issue with clearpad driver and somc_panel, maybe also something else) (fixed mostly by https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel/pull/1823 still present as of 11-16, maybe bad merge of 4.9.137 kernel) ( related to https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/257 ) (temporarily "fixed", but root cause tracked at https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/300 )
  11. While having a bluetooth headset connected, calling is muted on oemv1, v2, v3 (connected to bug #6) (fixed in 2019-02-05 by https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/device-sony-tone/pull/163)
  12. While having wired headphones inserted, there will be no ringtone (connected to bug #6, needs testing if also happening on vibrate mode) (not reproducible)
  13. No hardware de-/encoding
  14. Device reboots instead of powering off sometimes (suspect: something crashes on shutdown) (partially fixed by new oem v6, can still occur though)

Minor known bugs:

  1. When first booting, device bootloops once (this is a Magisk constant and unrelated to ROM)
  2. When booting up, PIN entry is shown shortly, but then reverts back to lockscreen. After that, pin entry is possible (triggered by initial mobile network access)
  3. Night light gives logspam about hwcomposer coefficients (but otherwise ok) and will use more power because missing native hwcomposer support
  4. Speaker on top will not work for media. Workaround: change call volume, has to be set on every boot (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/231 ) (fixed by acdb id change)
  5. Setting device theme to "Dark" no longer works (since around 2018-10-30) (not present on 05.11 build) (upstream AOSP issue) (need to set "Night mode" in developer options too) (not present on Q)
  6. Bluetooth reset to "on" on boot (not reproducible)
  7. Setting volumes in settings screen is buggy (sliders jump around). Setting via volume slider popup works. (seems fixed in 2018-11-07 only happening for ring volume) (seems present in all AOSP builds, even official Sony firmware)
  8. Front camera reports as 20.3 megapixel, at least in stock camera (fixed 2018-12-12, reports as 13MP now)
  9. Wifi hotspot crashes after a few seoncds and turns off (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker/issues/228 ) (right now a bug on multiple SODP devices for Pie) (fixed 2018-11-24 by https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel-defconfig/pull/19 ) - 5Ghz hotspot still broken
  10. Tethering acceleration is wonky, and no 5ghz support
  11. HDR mode is entirely pink hues on GCam (most likely an issue with the port, but still worth investigating) (new GCam port fixes it)
  12. MusicFX without function, changes just do not affect audio (needs logs, maybe a crash. might be missing lib/codec/blobs support) (fixed, at least in omni builds)
  13. Auto-brightness is off. For a LUX value of 70, we should get about mininum brightness, while in reality it regulates to ~60% (cannot reproduce any more)
  14. ToF and RGBCIR sensors need calibration and need to be enabled, also sepolicy and dontaudits for superfluous calls (https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/kernel-defconfig/pull/23 ) (ToF enabled as of 2018-12-12, RGBCIR is missing a proper calibration file)
  15. No ogg/vorbigs(?) and no m4a audio playback (since 11-24 or so) (not reproducible as of 2018-12-12)



  1. Double-tap to wake (difficult to get it to work reliably) (we'll move to a new display tech soon: msmfb -> sde, might fix things) (enabled but turned off by default since 2018-11-09, buggy)
  2. Ambient display (seems it works now, notifications trigger it)
  3. Newer TWRP builds, encrypion support (WIP, adb and mtp are unstable, decryption is not ready yet)
  4. Better camera settings, higher ISO(sensor can go up to 12000?) (Camera HAL won't be updated any more)
  5. 1080p 60fps video recording, 4K video recording (IMX300 is capable of it) (needs hw encoding)
  6. Security: Eventually there will be builds(optional) with:
    1. dm-verity (no real point in doing this because GApps will alter filesystem integrity)
    2. priv-apps permissions enforcing (done)
    3. SELinux enforcing (done)
  7. Permissions spoofing for microG, see:
    1. https://lineage.microg.org/#faq7
    2. https://review.lineageos.org/#/c/LineageOS/android_frameworks_base/+/195284/
    3. https://review.lineageos.org/#/c/LineageOS/android_frameworks_base/+/65366/
    4. https://review.lineageos.org/#/c/LineageOS/android_vendor_cm/+/195283/
  8. Lower minimum screen brightness (done 2019-12-07)
  9. Unlink notification and ringtone volume (must be fixed with custom ROM)
  10. Proper f2fs and exfat support in kernel (see https://github.com/LineageOS/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8996/tree/lineage-16.0/fs/exfat ) (exfat should be done via sdfat) The sdfat kernel driver is fine on the sodp 4.9 kernel, it is just needed to include https://github.com/relan/exfat and build mkfs.exfat and fsck.exfat in PRODUCT_PACKAGES (Now included in regular SODP)
  11. Treble (complicated, needs re-partitioning(dangerous) or bind-mount trickery, newer TWRP with GSI/vendor support would be nice) (done)